Yamaha Rolls Out Its Special Battle Green FZ-S Edition

It has been an exciting manufacturers of the motorcycle and their hard work clearly shows in the model they made. It is basically a Japanese company founded in 1955. Soon, it became one of the leading manufacturer industries of two-wheeler in market. Its wide knowledge and years of experience on light-weight materials, gave it an edge over competition. The company entered Indian market in 1985 with Escorts Group. From 2005, the company set its own in India. Yamaha Bikes are one of the most popular motorcycles amongst the youngsters and also, it is one of the oldest manufacturers in the Indian market. This company is known for their dedication in manufacturing the high quality bikes. It brought first lightweight motorcycle here.

Yamaha Fzs

The company launches its new model Yamaha FZS few months ago. And the company got more profit because of this vehicle. It helps the company to back in the competition with many of the popular two wheeler in the Indian market. Yamaha FZS Price is Rs. 67,000 (Ex-Show Room New Delhi). It provides us a great range of Indian bikes at amazing prices which are comfortable and affordable. Yamaha FZS Specifications shows the new version of this vehicle comes with 153cc, air cooled, single cylinder engine. Engine of this two wheeler is excellent and is capable of producing a top power of 14PS at 7500 rotation per minute. It has the clutch type multi-plate wet which gives smooth riding. This model is provided with 21 liters of petrol tank. It has a front single disc brake and rear drum type. These all features gives it a sporty bike look.
Yamaha Fzs
The rear tyre is the most important hardware in this model, which is more widest than many other two wheeler. The seat of this vehicle is fitted at a hight of 790mm which gives very comfortable posture to the rider during riding. It’s overall length is 1975mm. It looks as the biggest bike in Indian market. Even it looks larger than the Royal Enfield motorcycles. The width and the hight is of 770mm and 1045mm respectively. The stability, handling and balance of this vehicle is very easy because of the thickness of the rear tyre. It’s latest features make it more desirable in market. It Is blessed with step up seat in dual tone. Yamaha FZS Pictures show this new vehicle in new Battle Green colour has a cool and sporty look which is the reason behind the popularity of it amongst the youngsters. It has all the characteristic to attract the bike lovers in market. The company has launched it in variants colours. The new colours are Black Cyber Green, silver Tech and Sport Electric Blue and Yamaha has also launched Crux, The cheapest entry level bike in india.
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