Mahindra Pantero New Version Has Been Spotted Online

Coming to the commuter segment, a name which has recently emerged, is Mahindra Group. The company is mainly focusing to consider the consumer needs through solutions that power mobility, enhance urban lifestyles, drive rural prosperity, and also increase business efficiency as well. We all know that the Mahindra Bikes, has acquired a successful position in the Indian bike segment with the launch of its 110 cc commuter bike Mahindra Pantero. Recently, the company has been spotted with a new bike and it is assumed to be a low-cost version of the Pantero. The Mahindra Pantero pictures of this stripped-down version, clearly states that the company has incorporated many changes in order to reduce the cost of this commuter machine.

Mahindra Pantero

The original Mahindra Pantero price in India has been starting from INR 39,650, but there is no conformation regarding the price of the new version.Mahindra is forming a successive track in the automobile arena with their impressive Centuro and Pantero 110cc bikes. This stripped-down version of the 110 cc Bike Pantero is expected to follow the same and and cater to the huge volumes. Regarding the changes, the regular Bikini-Faired headlamps of the previous version has been replaced by a round dome headlamp. With a seen observation on the pictures, we can state that the wheeler of this new version is same as the older spoked ones. For cost cutting, it seems the company may not go for a electric starter. This new version many not undergoes much modifications and will continues the similar body language of Pantero. The company will be offering this bike with a price lower than the current version and take on the Hero HF Dawn as well as the TVS Star City in this segment.
Mahindra Pantero
The original Mahindra Pantero features with MCi-5 106.7cc engine delivers an astonishing power of 8.5 BHP at 7500 RPM and a torque of 8.5 Nm at 5500 rpm on ride. This 106.7cc engine is capable of delivering excellent mileage of 79.5 kmpl (as per ARAI). The motor is allied to a 4 speed manual gearbox. There is almost a certainty that this new version motorcycle will be shared with the 106cc mill. So, with the launch of this new base model the bike will be sold in as many as five variants in the market. Along side, we can expect the similar safety features includes front Telescopic hydraulic damped suspension and 5-step adjustable, a coiled hydraulic damped suspension at the rear end, drum brakes on both front and rear to cut prices.  After giving many popular scooters Mahindra launched it’s new model, Mahindra Centuro. It is the second model in the commuter segment, launched on July 2013.
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