Yamaha Recalled 56,802 Units of Yamaha Ray Handlebar

Although, Yamaha bikes have been a mark of excellence and perfection in terms of manufacturing and distributing, however, sometimes even the big maker face such issue where a defect in a product might put them in trouble. Consequently, same thing has happened with this Japanese bike maker as they will have to recall 56,802 units of the scooter Yamaha Ray due to a defect in the handle bar. The process of recalling the Scooty has been started and the company is going to call each and every customer who has the defected handlebar. However, Yamaha Ray price is not going to be brought down by this Japanese manufacturer nut they have also said that the whole process of changing the bike will not take even a single penny from the customer’s pocket.

Yamaha Ray

Yamaha Ray is packed with a twin-valve, SOHC engine with the displacement of 113 cc. The 4 stroke and air-cooled engine scoops out a maximum power out put of 7 Bhp at 7500 rpm and this engine generates a peak torque out put of 8.1 Nm at 5500 rpm. The engine gets powered by such power and torque output, which make this scooty power-packed. In terms of fuel-consumption, this scooty stands firm by delivering a fuel-consumption of 55 kmpl in city conditions and on long revs it gives a better mileage of 74 kmpl. Such mileage is a guarantee that this scooty will not allow extra pressure on your wallet.
Yamaha Ray
In terms of Yamaha Ray features, it is equipped with a very nice suspension system to offer the riders a ride with a lot of safety not on the terrains full of bumps and jerks. It has telescopic forks at the front and unit swing for better handling. In terms of speed, it gets the top speed of 85 kmph and can clear the distance of 0-60 kmph in mere 12 seconds. Such agitating speed can be held firmly and instantly by a robust braking system and Yamaha has not left any stone unturned in terms of brakes. It comes with 130 mm drum brakes at the front and the rear respectively for smooth and fear free rides even on the roads where one has to be extra conscious while touring. Yamaha Ray pictures a design which is intended to attract the female buyers mostly. Its vivid, eye-catching curved and edges are most attractive parts of the scooter. Overall , the bike is ravishing and has no flaw in terms of performance, looks and style. Nevertheless, the fault in the handle bar is not a big issue and the Japanese maker is all set to replace the scootys as soon as possible. Yamaha has also launched Crux, The Cheapest Entry Level Bike in india.
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