Bajaj to Launch Discover in July- A Ravishing Commuter

Bajaj Auto Limited is among the top five companies worldwide as far as the manufacturing of two wheelers and three wheelers is concerned. Bajaj Auto is the Bajaj Group’s flagship company which manufactures bikes and scooters. Bajaj bikes have found wide spread popularity in many countries including Latin America, Africa and Europe. Two brands of Bajaj which have helped in increasing sales and revenue are Discover and Pulsar. Bajaj Discover was first launched in the year 2004, the launched model had a engine capacity of 125cc. After that, Bajaj has launched many further variants. A small decline in sales was observed last year. Honda bikes are providing a solid competition to Bajaj. To offset this declining sales trend and to capture the major share of the market, the company has planned to launch six models of Discover in this fiscal year. This move is aimed at increasing profits and to gain a higher share of consumers in the two wheeler segment.

Bajaj Discover

The market already has a fair share of discovers. All of the current 5 variants are priced in the ranges between 40000 and 50000 INR. Six more variants are expected to be launched in this year. Four models of the new Bajaj Discover Price is expected to be in the same price range or within INR 60000. But two more variants are believed to be launched in the higher ranges. Since there is already a squeeze of Discovers in the market in the range of 40k to 50k, the company has to price the models right so that consumers are not overwhelmed with the choices under one segment. The first of these six models are supposed to be launched at the end of June or start of July. The rest of the variants will be launched at regular intervals taking into consideration the welcome the early model receives.

Bajaj Discover

The Bajaj Discover Features will be upgraded or downgraded in these new models is not yet clear, but it is not a bad surmise to say that new features in these segments will be added. The higher end models might include features which are similar to the ones found in Discover 125ST like the four valve engine head or the monoshocks. Market analysts show a certain doubt towards the success of higher end bikes from Bajaj as the history shows that Bajaj has struggled to provide a major differentiating factor between economy and luxury bikes. The company has been guarding the new launches protectively and only a very few of the new models of Bajaj Discover Pictures are available. 

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