TVS Wego now with Disc Brakes

TVS motors, an Indian motorcycles manufacturing unit introduced a new scooter called TVS Wego. The bike was launched three years ago which attracted many customers all across India. Now, TVS plans to add a new component to the highly successful scooter and thereby increasing the demand from the crowd. TVS bikes often offer the comfort and are designed as required for the user. The new addition to the smart looking bike is the front disc brake. The upgrade of the scooter is to improve its productivity and thereby making a mark with this innovative move. TVS Wego becomes just the second bike to offer disc brakes to a scooter, first being the Honda Aviator. TVS Wego price is now increased to INR 49,157 (ex-showroom, Delhi) from its original price of INR 45,807 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

TVS Wego
The upgrade to front disc brake for TVS Wego is an optional one and the buyer can choose his choice. The all other specifications of the device remain same with the engine being powered at 110cc and other similar specifications. Though is has a 110cc engine, it looks way faster and powerful than what it specifies. The acceleration of the scooter is also good and can move quickly to its maximum speed. And the swiftness is seen not only when there is a rider but also when we have a pillion on the back seat. The acceleration is so good that it reaches 60Kmph in 4 seconds. That's impressive!
TVS Wego
TVS Wego has an aircooled all-aluminium four stroke digital TDI engine that gives out a maximum power of 8 BHP at 7500 RPM, and a maximum torque of 8 Nm at 5500 RPM. With the all aluminium engine, the mileage is also excellent with the low friction acting on the piston. TVS Wego features good mileage that ranges from 45kmph to 50kmph on the city roads which is very impressive these days.  TVS Wego pictures a nice head lamp that is nicely integrated with the handle bar and well balanced with the indicators on the side. The bike gives the rider a smooth sail and easy swift moves while turning the bike. TVS enhanced this scooter's features to see how it goes and if this succeeds, it is planning to do the same on various features of their fleet of bikes. This bike is sure to impress every one with all the design pattern and looks, especially the youth for its ease in riding.
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