Bajaj Blade 125 Coming Soon

Bajaj, the second largest bike manufacturer of India who introduced scooters in the Indian bike bazaar for the first time ever. Its Vespa and Priya were the icons for other makers and they were a part of middle class lifestyle. There was no other better option for the public that time. Later, Bajaj shifted its focus from scooters to bike and successful Vespa and Priya left far behind. Before some time there was no scooter from Bajaj in the market. Now, the rumour is aired that Bajaj is bringing the memories back by removing covers from the latest Bajaj Blade 125 which is soon going to be seen dashing away on the Indian roads. Bajaj Bikes are known for the characteristics which they flaunt in their products with a great style. Their fuel-efficient temperament affects the bike-lovers big time. Bajaj Blade 125 Price is Rs. 40,000 (Ex-showroom Delhi). The price is quite reasonable and kept affordable just to target the feminine world. That is why it is available in only one shade and that is Red to allure the ladies.

Bajaj Blade 125

Bajaj Blade 125 is powered by an indigenously designed and developed DTS-i, 4-valve, 125 cc engine that dishes out a meaty power of 11.5 bhp. The 4-stroke engine is air-cooled and has a 4 speed gearbox. The new blade 125 scoops out an impressive torque too. Overall, the engine's capacity is pretty fine and the rider will really enjoy the journey without any issue. The wheelbase of the new Blade 125 is 137 mm which will ensure the safety.
Bajaj Blade 125
Bajaj Blade 125 features a top speed of 95 km/l. The bike squeezes out the mileage of 45 km/l in city and 55 km/l on long revs but the bike is meant for only city commuting. The new scooty is enabled with a good range of suspensions. It has a telescopic hydraulic absorbers front while the rear pivoted fork with absorbers. To hold the speed-scooty the Bajaj has done much work on the brakes as well. The front has a disc brake whereas the rear is drum. The bike sports an analogue Tachometer, fuel gauge and the same speedometer. Bajaj Blade 125 pictures a perfect quality of looks and design. The bike shows a splendid tailored design. The graphics aid more to the styling of the bike. The scooty has all the traits which a commuter of this range can display. The new blade is for the passionate female bike-lovers of India which they never dream off before.
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