Bajaj Discover 100 Latest Bike from Bajaj Coming Soon

Bajaj Auto Limited is India’s second largest producer of two wheelers in India. Bajaj revolutionized Indian biking by launching Pulsar series in India. Today Bajaj Pulsar is the one of top selling two wheelers in India. Bajaj bikes are known for sporty looks and good ride quality at a very reasonable price. Bajaj makes wide range of bikes which includes daily commuting bikes, tourers and sports bikes. Bajaj is also known for its innovation, first Bajaj introduced its patented DTSI (Digital Twin Spark Ignition) technology and now Bajaj has introduced Triple Spark Technology in its new Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS. Bajaj Discover 100 Pictures are not out yet but speculations are that it will be very similar to Bajaj Discover 125 ST. It will be tuned down version of  Bajaj Discover 125 ST.  Bajaj Discover 125 ST has a 125 CC, 4 stroke, air cooled DTSI engine.

Bajaj Discover 100

Latest product from Bajaj stable will be Bajaj Discover 100 which is expected to be launched in December this year. Bajaj Discover 100 will be new addition to Bajaj’s Discover series, Bajaj Discover is already one of the most selling bike in commuter segment. Bajaj Discover 100 will be based on Bajaj Discover 125 ST Sports – Tourer platform. Although there are large number of bikes present in this segment like Honda Dream Yuga, Hero Splendor, Honda CB Twister etc. but styling, design and aesthetics of Bajaj Discover 100 is quite different from existing products in this segment. Bajaj Discover 100 looks are very aggressive which is new for this segment. Bajaj Discover 100 is a combination of commuting bike and sports tourer. These factors can make it leading entry level commuting bike in Indian Market. Bajaj Discover 100 will have many features derived from Bajaj Discover 125 ST, like mono shocks, front disc, and alloy wheels etc.
Bajaj Discover 100
Bajaj Discover 100 Features a 100 CC, four stroke, air cooled, single cylinder DTSI engine . A lot also depends on how it perform on roads and one of the key factor for its success is its mileage as in commuting segment customers always prefer fuel efficient bikes. Bajaj Discover 100 Price is expected to be around Rs. 50000 (Ex Showroom) but its still a speculation. The big question mark is that can Bajaj offer all these features at this price. All in all it will be a good package if pricing will be economical. Bajaj Discover 100 4G is a fuel efficient bike.
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