Kawasaki Ninja 300R to Come This Diwali

As the festive season is going to start in just a few days, there is no doubt that two wheelers and sports bikes will get a huge demand. The regular two wheelers, particularly, in this nation are widely used by working men but when it comes to the sports bikes, it is the youth who show a lot of interest towards them and this passion is never going to end. The manufacturer, Kawasaki, is the most remembered names when it comes to the sports bikes. Kawasaki Bikes in India have managed to make a good stand in the Indian current market till now. The sales volume of this company is also satisfactory as of now.

Kawasaki Ninja 300r
From sometime now, it is being rumored that this Diwali will witness the arrival of the Kawasaki’s new product, Kawasaki Ninja 300R. This is the latest creation of the company and the Kawasaki Ninja 300R Pictures reveal all the style and appealing look it boasts. But, if comparison is made, there exists a similarity between Ninja 250R and Ninja 300R yet, this is not its replacement. In addition, they both will be available together for the Indian bikers.
Kawasaki Ninja 300r
Kawasaki Ninja 300R unvieled in India which have a liquid cooled 4 stroke, 296cc Parallel Twin engine. The weight of this sports bike comes to around 172 kgs, and, it exceeds to 174 kgs of it has ABS. The total fuel tank capacity it offers is 17 litres. Kawasaki Ninja 300R Features aluminium foot-pegs and steel tube diamond frame together with a digital console. The all new fuel injection system is available in this bikes and that comes with dual throttle valves. The bike’s 6 speed return transmission enables it to increase its acceleration. The maximum power generated by Ninja 300R reaches 39Bhp at 11000Rpm and torque at 27 Nm at 10000Rpm is its highest.
Kawasaki Ninja 300r
It is also featured with 110/70 tyre up front and rear tyre at 140/70. The Kawasaki Ninja 300R is supported by the stopping power together with ABS option wih 220 mm rear disc and single 290mm petal disc at the front. Kawasaki Ninja 300R Price comes to approximately Rs. 3,25,000 and is almost Rs. 50,000 higher in price to the Ninja 250R. It is stated that Ninja 300R is presently under its testing stage and it will be released in attractive colors loke Red, White and Green, in India.
Kawasaki Ninja 300r
The company, at the moment, is in the celebration mood and it even held a grand party in New York at the Times Square in two city blocks, on 13th of this month due to Kawasaki to launch ninja 300r this diwali. During this event, it brought into picture some classic and latest bikes together with the amazing bike stunts.
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