Enigma Intense is an Electric Scooter

Enigma Auto had launched Enigma Intense in the month of June 2012 in the Indian two wheeler market. The Intense scooter is an electric scooter. Enigma Intense price is tagged at Rs. 28,500. Introducing an electric scooter seems to be a smart move from the company as the fuel prices in India are rapidly increasing. In the present scenario people are fed up with the continuous rise in the prices of petrol. So the electric scooter could be an alternative and this might also help the company to boost its sales of Enigma scooters. Along with this scooter, the company also launched two more electric scooters i.e. Enigma Muscular and Enigma Creasent. Enigma Intense pictures reveal that the scooter looks simple and sober, which would suit every category of people.

This Enigma scooter comes with a top speed of 25 km per hour, which makes it a perfect two wheeler for those drivers who wish safe driving. The scooter is motorized by a BLDC, 250 watts, 48V motor engine. The company claims that The Intense scooter delivers a mileage of 45 km per litre, which is quite remarkable. Enigma Intense features 80mm front drum brakes and 110mm rear drum brakes. The dimensions of the scooter are 1800 X 650 X 1020mm. Enigma Intense is outfitted with Alloy wheels, which gives an eye catching look to the scooter. Other two electric scooters i.e. Enigma Muscular and Enigma Creasent price is marked at Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 31,500 respectively. These newly launched scooters from Enigma are efficient in terms of battery. It takes approximately 6-8 hours to charge the battery of the scooter. Enigma Creasent features cruise control, anti-theft alarm, motor lock system, 48 Volt lightning system and multiple charger sockets. Enigma electric bikes are ready to hit the roads.
Enigma Auto has offered Enigma scooters in four color options, which includes red, white, brown and black colors. One of the amazing attributes of these scooters is the minimal service cost. Electric scooters need very little maintenance. The only drawback that could be seen in the Enigma scooters is the life span of the battery, which is likely to last around two years and a new battery would cost roughly around Rs. 9000. Enigma Auto is determined to sell 20,000 units of these newly launched Enigma scooters by the end of the present year. The company is also planning to set up a new plant at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan, which would have a capacity to produce 500 units every day. In the near future, the company might also introduce electric three wheeler and four wheelers. I shared that Bajaj Pulsar 220 gives a mileage of 40 kmpl.
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