Mahindra to launch more bikes with advanced techinology

Everyone knew that Mahindra Motors is very successful in Indian automobile market in cars segment. The company is not producing just cars, it has delivered its quality and trust. Now after having a successful time in India with cars, Mahindra has just come with two wheelers also. Last year Mahindra launched Mahindra Two Wheelers with a 100cc bike Mahindra Stallio which was expexted to be very popular in Indian mass territory, but it didn’t happen. Mahindra has recently announced that it has stopped the production of this bike due to some technical issues with the bike. The Mahindra Two Wheeler official also stated that the company will launch this bike with upgraded features along with two more bikes.

The new version of Mahindra Stallio and Mahindra Mojo, a 300cc bike will be launched in couple of months. Mahindra Two Wheelers has become very aggressive in terms of its investments in two wheeler market worldwide. According to a calculation around 20 million units of two wheelers will be sold till 2020 and Mahindra stated that the company is going to target a revenue of Rs. 20,000 Crore by 2020.Going further, Mahindra will now planning to get some market share in two wheeler export market. At present, the exports of the company is very less but it is now increasing the export capacity and will target some rural areas also to get the better results. Mahindra Stallio price is around Rs. 49,000 and Mahindra Mojo price will be around Rs. 1,75,000 in India. Mahindra Mojo comes in the category of fast and heavy bikes whereas the company is targeting the rural with the help of 110cc bike, Mahindra Stallio.

The company is expecting a great success in terms of sales of two wheelers in India as well as in some other countries as well. Now coming to the features of these two bikes, both have stunning look and design. Mahindra Stallio has features to generate a maximum power of 7 Bhp capacity with 7500 Rounds per minutes. The bike can generate maximum torque of 8 Nm with 5500 RPM. Furthermore, the bike has 4 speed gears with manual transmission. The engine is air cooling type having power of 106.7cc. All these features make this bike to compete with the existing bikes like Splendor, Suzuki Hayate, TVS Starcity etc. The bike will be available in different colors like Red, Black, Silver, Yellow and Green. Having such a compatible engine the bike is expected to give a better mile age in comparison to other leading bikes in Indian automobile market. So, Mahindra Stallio can be good choice for a person who need a bike with all the features and with better mile age. Bajaj Discover 125 ST definitely one of the Best Value for Money for a 125cc Indian Machine.

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