Enigma launched 3 scooters

With the fuel prices reaching sky high limit, Enigma Bikes has made a wise and smart decision by launching three electric bikes in India. The Enigma Scooters launch by Enigma Bikes are namely- Intense, Muscular, and Creasent. The Enigma scooters are available in four colors: – red, white, brown and black colors. These young, dynamic and exotic colors add to the beauty of Enigma scooters. The Enigma Scooters Price may vary from rs Rs. 28,500 to Rs. 31,900 on road. These Enigma scooters launched by Enigma Bikes are highly efficient in terms of battery, since it takes almost 6-8 hours to charge the battery and at the same time it has a top speed of 25 km/h making it a vehicle for all those drivers who prefer safe driving.

The biggest advantage with such scooters that the customer does not need to have a compulsory registration and therefore can useful for the under-aged people. If we talk about the Enigma Scooters features the tyres are equipped with drum brakes. The king among the 3 variants is the Creasent which can travel almost 55 kms. on a single charge. It is also accompanied with cruise control, 48 volt lighting system and multiple charger sockets. For security purpose the vehicle is provided with anti-theft alarm and motor lock system. The first look at Enigma scooters pictures makes it look alike the TVS scooty but with an electric engine.

Enigma Muscular

The company is expected to sale around 20,000 units in its very first year. This declaration appears to be quite true since the petrol prices are rising sky high and due to the increase demand of electric vehicles. The company is trying to increase its production rapidly, with its current manufacturing plant in Delhi that manufactures 100 units per day; it is setting up its new plant in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan with an estimated production of 500 units per day. The company is planning to really expand its business throughout the India; the company is planning to open around 100 dealers throughout India by the end of 2013 which are currently around 18. The company also announced that it will soon launch the electric three-wheelers and electric four-wheelers in the next 3 to 4 years. With such an announcement it will be interesting to see when they hit the road, what portion of the market will they be able to conquer. I shared that Honda set their focus on Honda DreamYuga exports.
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