Mahindra Duro DZ Price and Features

The Mahindra is a well popular car manufacturing company in India and it is also well known in the two wheeler market as well. The Mahindra has launched its different bikes which has good reputation in the bike market. The Mahindra has launched the new scooter named Mahindra Duro DZ. The new scooter is launched at Hyderabad with an attractive price tag in India. The Mahindra is also planning to launch the new Mahindra Duro globally and the north India will have to wait a little. The new Mahindra Duro DZ price is to be around Rs 44,640 in Andhra Pradesh. The Duro DZ price is different in various states of India.

The powerful Mahindra Duro DZ is specially designed with a superior 125 cc engine, advanced telescopic suspension which offers a smooth ride on the toughest roads and advanced safety features. The new scooter with attractive price and advanced features will grab the attention of the scooter lovers in the Indian bike market. The new bike is perfectly designed with best handling features even on the tough Indian roads. The powerful engine is capable to produce a good instant pick up and multi terrain acceleration which offers easier for carrying loads even on inclined roads. The new Mahindra Duro DZ is loaded with a Dual Curve Digital ignition system to deliver a high performance and fuel efficiency.
The Mahindra Duro DZ specifications includes prominent ground clearance which enables ease and comfortable riding even on the repaired roads and over speed breakers. The bike gives safe riding experience with the long wheel base and the advanced braking system. The Mahindra Duro DZ features with a wide halogen head lamp which ensures a wide range and depth in visibility and also with provided with an under seat storage capacity of 20L and a rear brake lock lever for safety parking on incline roads.
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