Aprilla ready to debut into the Indian bike market

Aprilia RSV4 is one of the new collections which are going to hit the Indian market very soon. The engine of the RSV4 Factory is of modern and influential. Aprilia manufacture bikes are uncommon and ever built by any other bike company.

Aprilia RSV4

Aprilia RSV4

Aprilia is a super compact 999.6 cc 65° V-four cylinder engine deliberate for highest power (180 CV).  The bikes from Aprila are purely made from raw material, so that the upcoming product can fulfill all buyers trust. The new released bikes from Aprila are of latest technique and advanced electronic solution for better experience of riding. The break of Aprilia is very innovative which includes dual 320-mm diameter stainless steel floating discs that are different from other bikes. The brake pump is the radial type to get better lever feel and to react accuracy. An exceptional engine like Aprilia V4 bike could be nothing but has built with an amazing chassis that stresses exclusivity of this motorcycle. Due to Aprilia’s R&D department, all bike lovers are able to get amazing feel from bikes which was never before.
Perfect mass centralization is applied for the development of RSV4 Factory casing. All parts are designed in order to reach the best probable result. It is made in such a manner to provide attractive look.  The weights of these bikes are very comfortable for riders with high suspension effect. Below are the features given for the V4 engine of the Aprilia bikes, look at this carefully.

Aprilia RSV4

Aprilia RSV4

Aprilia is an Italian famous Motorcycle making company, one of the seven marquees owned by Piaggio. The later is also known as the world’s fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer. It is well known for sport bike manufacture and many other bikes, but mainly they manufacture sport bikes. Aprilia’s bikes are being successes from many decades and still continuing. They are really unbeaten in the smaller disarticulation categories. The company is also famous for providing some extraordinary engine configurations. Aprilia not only produces sport bike, but also manufactures scooter and most commonly famous for producing several kinds of sport bikes.

Aprilia RSV4 Specification

1. Engine capacity: 999.6 cc
2. Architecture: 65° V4
3. Power: 180 HP (132.4 kW) at 12,500 rpm
4. Crankcase:-Monobloc with incorporated cylinder liners
5. Fuel system: Magneti Marelli electronic injection with 2 injectors per cylinder
6. Maximum rpm: 14,100 rpm
7. Clutch: multiplate soaked clutch with mechanical slipper system.

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