Compare USA Triumph and Hyosung ST7

Triumph is one of the oldest Motor Bike manufacturing company in the United States of America. It has a largest numbers of customers. There are so many stunt men, who love the Motor Bikes of Triumph. There are so many motor bikes of this company in its portfolio and Triumph Bonneville is one of them. The name Triumph Bonneville is given to the 3 motorcycle from the famous marquee of British Motor Bikes. It is also known as the name of Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, America. The Triumph and also the other Motor Bike companies had made the attempts of motor bike speed records in world wide.

Triumph America

Triumph America

The Triumph Bonneville is also called Bonnie. The Triumph Bonneville manufactured in 1959 for the first time in the United States of America. The predecessor of this bike is TRG trophy. It has a powerful engine. It has twin parallel four stroke engine and the power of the engine is 46 bhp at 6500 rpm. The transmission of Triumph Bonneville had four gears in the old edition. Later on, it had 5 gears. The wheel base of this bike is wider. It has the wide wheel of 55.75 inches. The weight of this motor bike is also heavy that is 179 kilograms (395 lbs). This is a very powerful bike, so most of the stunt men like to perform stunt on this motor bike.

Hyosung ST7

Hyosung ST7

The Hyosung is also a manufacturing company of very powerful and fastest bikes in South Korea. There are so many motor bike models of this company. This is known for the sports motor bikes. Most of the bikes of this company are of sports type. Most of new generation guys are the lover of this motor bike company. The Hyosung ST7 is enabled with advance technology and powerful engine. The appearance of this motor bike is completely western style. This motor bike has the powerful engine of 678cc with the electronic fuel injection for good speed and also has the 90 degree twin V cooled liquid mill. It has cranks of 46.5 feet and it can run the way up at 7500 rpm. It has a dynamic handles for easy handling and 33 degree rake. It has a wide wheel base of 66.9 inches, which avoids the accident. This motor bike is heavier than Triumph Bonneville. The weight of the Hyosung ST7 is 244 Kilograms (538 lbs). The cost of the Hyosung ST7 is around 7300 dollars.

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