Hero Honda splendor Picture review

Hero Honda Super Splendor bike known as its super mileage and low maintenance as well as attractive new body graphics. Its available on price at Rs. 45,950 (ex showroom) along with 7 eye catching colours like Candy Blazing Red, Vibrant Blue, Cloud Silver, Black with Flery Black, Black with Electric Purple, Graphite Black and Heavy Grey.

Hero Honda Super Splendor front view gives the impression of semi sporty bikes its front mask fitted with 12V- 35/35W multi reflector headlamp which gives clear view even at dark night, body colour front mask attach with small wind shield in black which just similar like its sibling Hero Honda passion Pro. Rear view mirror in black colour fitted on handlebar on both side. Its dashboard has speedometer and fuel gauge, pass light flasher, turn indicator switch and high and low beam switch.

Hero Honda super splendra

Hero Honda super splendor

Hero Honda Super Splendor gives the mileage of around 65 to 68 kmpl while its tank has 12 litre of fuel capacity. It takes only 7.4 seconds to reach 0-60 kmph, well its maximum speed claim by company is 98.7 kms. Hero Honda Super Splendor has round shape fuel tank with black and red stripes.

Hero Honda super splendor

Hero Honda super splendor

Its comfortable sleek seat for two persons give comfort ride even long roads, its covered with leather seat. Overall its comfortable seating arrangement making riding a pleasure for both rider and passenger.

The new generation bike fitted with black colour alloy wheels which has ground clearance of 159mm and the wheel base of the bike is 1230mm; attach with body colour front mud guard. Well its standard front tyre is 2.75×18-42P and rear tyre is 2.75×18-48 P.

Hero Honda super slendor

HeroHonda super slendor

Hero Honda Super Splendor, the superb and eye catching bike loaded with 124.7cc, 4-stroke OHC, single cylinder, Air Cooled engine which produces maximum power of 9bhp at 7000 rpm and maximum torque of 10.35 Nm at 4000 rpm, along with peephole to check the engine oil level. The outer colour of the engine is black.

Hero Honda super splendor

Hero Honda super splendor

To give better riding experience it fitted with telescopic hydraulic suspension at front and swing arm with 5 step adjustable hydraulic suspension at rear. The environment friendly bike loaded with full size silence covered with silver colour heat seat to assure burn accident. The braking system is excellent, it assure to safety well it fitted with 130mm internal expanding type drum brake at front and rear.

hero honda super splendor

Hero Honda super splendor

The rear portion of the bike is as similar as sports bikes, along with all attractive features the bike loaded with sleek looks with attractive strips on both side panels, large utility box and exciting new graphics.

Hero Honda super splendor

Hero Honda soper splendor

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